Monday, April 04, 2005

Poker-playing dogs repent (from "The Sacred Sandwich")

From The Sacred Sandwich: "The poker-playing dogs, immortalized in the famous painting by Cassius Coolidge, announced last week that they have repented of their former ways and have replaced their Friday night poker game with a Wednesday night Bible study. Laddie, top dog of the study group, hopes that their new painting, 'Dogs Reading Scripture' (seen above), will make them role models for other dogs caught in the vicious cycle of canine gambling. Says the collie leader, 'Our next goal is to stop drinking out of the toilet.'"

There's nothing like family...

As I mentioned here earlier, my husband's stepmom passed away on Good Friday after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's. We spent the latter part of last week commemorating her life.

For good or ill, funerals bring people together...old friends and family members we rarely see, and some who are nearby but busy schedules get in the way of spending time with. So often, it takes a funeral to make you stop and re-evaluate your own life and priorities. Family is one of the most important gifts God has given us. I want to make the most of it!

And now...for the first time in a long time...MONDAY MADNESS!

It's been a while since I did the Monday Madness quiz, so here goes (by the way, you can also answer these in your own blog, or in my comments section here):

1. ...did you have to turn your clocks forward one hour this weekend?--Yep. I love Daylight Savings Time!

2. ...what is the price of gasoline?--Crazy and depressing. It's hovering around 2.23 a gallon here. :(

3. ...which natural disasters, if any, do you have to worry about?--Pretty much just tornadoes, and this is the start of major tornado season here. However, although we often have tornado warnings and sightings, I haven't been in or near one yet.

The closest I came was July 5th, 2003, when portions of Rockford were hit by a very intense storm called a "microburst," that uprooted trees and downed power lines. (I wrote about this storm on my website.) Fortunately, no lives were lost in the storm, although very old trees were uprooted and snapped like toothpicks. Pretty scary!

4. you have a local newspaper, and if so, do you subscribe to it? Yes, we have the Rockford Register Star. Since the radio station subscribes to it, I don't have to.

5. you subscribe to a local cable company for television viewing? Yes, but it's too expensive and the prices seems to go up all the time.

6. ...what is the speed limit on your road/street?--30 mph on my residential street--40 on the main artery that my street is off of, and that I travel to work every morning.

7. far do you have to drive to the nearest post office?--About 6 or 7 minutes.

8. ...what is the average temperature in April?--The average temperature for April is 48 degrees here, but we're enjoying several days of 70s temps.

9. ...what is the average temperature in December?--The average temp for December is 25 degrees, but usually December seems a bit warmer than that...more like high 30's, low 40's during the day.

10. ...are your four seasons drastically different from one another?
If you want four distinct seasons, this is the place for you! Winter is usually cold, snowy, and long. Spring is gorgeous, once it finally gets underway, with sunshine and mild temperatures and gloriously blooming flowers and trees. Summer is hot and humid, although it's not unusual to have such a mild, cool summer that the local water parks struggles to attract customers. And fall is heavenly--a picture-perfect, textbook case of autumn, with vividly colorful trees, crisp air, blue skies, the works! It's most people's favorite season here.

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