Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Did I jinx the Illini?!?

OK, I admit it--I'm the biggest fairweather fan of all time. I really didn't care that much about college basketball this year until March Madness was in full swing--then I really started to care about the University of Illinois winning the national championship.

If I had left well enough alone and not cared, would they have won? Did I jinx them?

Oh well. It was fun ride, and there's always next year. (And that, by the way, is a phrase that Illinois sports fans are all too familiar with!)

Roger Powell

By the way, you've gotta love Illini forward Roger Powell, an unashamed Christian. Powell is quoted in this Fellowship of Christian athletes profile: "I want to let the Lord lead me—be it as a pastor, evangelist, youth minister or something else...I don’t know exactly what that calling is yet, but it’ll be in ministry.”

Very cool.

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