Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Standard Christian, by Jeri Massi

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Not only am I enjoying a bounty of real-life books right now--I now have a story-blog to keep up with!

Jeri Massi yesterday debuted A Standard Christian, which is a sequel to her "Secret Radio" story blog.

A Standard Christian
takes up the tale of Grace Jovian, who has just graduated from Bible college and now must face the real world. I've read the first two installments, and am hooked again already.

Although Jeri doesn't shrink from skewering religious hypocrisy in her writings, her message of true faith and genuine Christianity comes through loud and clear.

She's not afraid to write fiction that causes people to ask the hard questions, writing in her blog: "This is a huge universe, and it ought to make us question and wonder and not understand certain things. To cling to unbelief is the sin of unbelief, but to cling to dogma because you're too afraid to honestly explore the promises and decrees of God is also the sin of unbelief. The hungry have to eat; the thirsty have to drink, the people who ask questions have to find their answers. I hope that A Standard Christian will help people discard images of 'good Christians' who never question or doubt, so that they can focus on finding out their Savior's power and grace to them by asking Him the hard and earnest questions He alone can answer."

Jeri is an immensely talented writer. You can read my review of her Valkyries books here, and a transcript of my interview with her here (Part One) and here (Part Two.)

By the way, Secret Radio is no longer available online, but is in printed form.

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