Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jane Fonda's conversion to Christianity a factor in her breakup with Ted Turner

I've always had very ambivalent feelings about Jane Fonda. While I have been diametrically opposed to her politics, I've stood in awe of her acting ability (post-"Barbarella," of course!)

When I heard a few years ago that Fonda had become a Christian, I was frankly skeptical. Rather pharasaically I suppose, I thought I'd sit back and wait to see what kinds of fruit resulted from this conversion.

Now, Fonda has written a book in which she says her conversion was one of two reasons for her break-up with media mogul Ted Turner. (See this FoxNews story.) Her conversion, and his "continuous cheating."

Fonda is quoted as saying she made the conversion without telling Turner: "I hadn't told Ted beforehand because by then I didn't feel we were on the same team. Alongside the frantic life we shared, I was living a parallel inner life, where I took care of my own needs ... I also knew that if I had discussed with him my need for spirituality, he would have either asked me to choose between him and it or bullied me out of it."

The book is My Life So Far. Sounds like very interesting reading.

Speaking of great reads...

I just finished a really wonderful book, A Table by the Window, by Lawana Blackwell. This book was so absorbing, with such a likable heroine and interesting situations, that I could hardly put it down. Expect a review soon!

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