Monday, December 15, 2014

Give a Book for Christmas!

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I can't remember a single Christmas in my life when I didn't either give or receive at least one book.

Books make wonderful gifts...and they don't have to be expensive. They don't have to be 50 dollar coffee table books (in fact, even those gorgeous coffee table books often go on sale, deeply discounted).

I'm trying to build up my personal library of classics. defunct...used to have a beautiful line of classics that was very affordable.  Barnes and Noble probably does too.

Children's books can be very reasonable, and most small children love to be read to. Slip a paperback novel, preferably Christian fiction, into your teen-ager's stocking. An athlete's bio for your sports-crazy son, or a how-to-be-a-better-golfer book for hubby.  For your teen or young adult, one series I can highly recommend is Lisa Bergren's River of Time series.

Many of my favorite, and most enduring, Christmas gifts ever have been books. When my parents were missionaries to Beirut, Lebanon, when I was a child, I really got into British writers. I can remember getting Noel Streatfield's White Boots , which launched me into a Noel Streatfield marathon. Another time I got an anthology of stories by Enid Blyton-- who probably most American children have never heard of, but whose writings I adored.

Actually, I could never list all the favorite book gifts I've received, because many of my favorite all-time gifts, throughout my life, have been books.

What was your favorite book you ever received as a gift?

Years ago I "twittered"' this question, and Katy McKenna Raymond replied: "My mother purchased this book when I was 11: 'Don't Call Me Katy Rose.' My name is Katy Rose! I still have it..."

No doubt about it, those childhood books, often received as Christmas or birthday presents, evoke fond memories to this day.

What was your favorite book you ever received as a gift--whether as a child or more recently? Please answer in my comments section...I'll blog about your replies!


~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Oh how I love books... stacks and stacks of books! My favorite book as a child was A Wrinkle in Time... but I couldn't possibly pick a favorite as an adult - there are too many!

Anastasia Rose said...

Books are absolutely my favorite gifts! One of the more recent books I've received (maybe two or three years ago) was called Believing in Narnia, and it was a devotional type book dealing with the real-life themes in the Chronicles of Narnia. No matter how many times I read those books, they still end up showing me something new!

Anastasia Rose

Bethany Boring said...

I have an answer to this!! My favorite book I received as a complete surprise this year. I was wanting a way to bring my young boys around the real meaning of Christmas, but in a way like they had never heard it before. A good friend sent me Ann V new book, "The Greatest Gift." It has been jusr that and more. I blogged about this today...too funny!

Jo said...

I can never choose favourites. I love far too many! One of the top ones would have to be the complete works of Jane Austen. In my family, books are given at Easter more than Christmas. A tradition that started when I was a child and has stuck. My daughter always receives a book at Christmas too.

Unknown said...

Growing up, there were always books for Christmas. Most of them are long forgotten. But I still have my battered and well-worn paperback versions of The Hobbit and (most of) The Chronicles of Narnia.

They were my first "grown up" books and started me on a life long love. I'm happily continuing the tradition with my own sons.

Rachel S. said...

Boxed set of Anne of Green Gables books - I still have them, and my girls are reading them now.

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