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I'm in love with a beautiful Christmas book: Update

A couple of years ago, I posted on my book blog about a beautiful Christmas book that I had found for 5 dollars at a local dollar store.  Since then, I've gotten some more information about this book and its availability.  

I also have a little addendum to make that happened just a couple of weeks ago during Thanksgiving.

Here you go:

As a little girl, I loved Christmas anthology books. Nothing made me happier on a December day than to snuggle up with a big, beautifully-illustrated book full of Christmas stories, songs and poems.

That's why I was so delighted to find this Christmas Treasury at a local dollar store for 5 dollars. I liked it so much, I bought three of for me to read to my grandsons, one for two of my little nieces, and one for two little friends of the family.

(Click on any photo to view larger)

Tom Newsom beautifully illustrates "The Night Before Christmas."

I love the fact that there are several songs in the book, complete with music.

The book includes several Victorian-style illustrations and poems as well.

Among the prettiest illustrations in the book are by an illustrator named Pat Thompson, about whom I was able to find frustratingly little online. Making it even more confusing is that there is also a children's illusrator named Pat Thomson...without the P. I'd love to know more about this artist.

Another lovely Pat Thompson illustration in the book's rendition of "The Nutcracker."

Another Pat Thompson illustration in "The Velveteen Rabbit."

Another by Pat Thompson

A Pat Thompson illustration in the Christmas Story

How about you? Do you have a favorite Christmas book? Let me know about it in my comments section!

UPDATE: I posted this a little two years ago, and one person was able to give me a little more info about artist Pat Thompson. "Sparrow1" commented:

"Pat Thompson is an artist in Franklin , TN with Southgate Studios. I was trying to remember which book she illustrated to pass the info along to a friend when I came upon your blog. In years past I have taken pastel classes from her and consider her a both a very fine artist and a lovely friend."

Very cool!

UPDATE 2: You can order this book on Amazon! It's about 18 dollars, but this gorgeous book is well worth it. Here's the link.


When I originally bought this book, I envisioned keeping it here and reading it to my grandchildren when they visited during the holidays.

Well, my grandsons, almost 6 year old Payton and 3 year old Josiah, were excited about me reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to them from this book when they were recently here for Thanksgiving.

They live in Texas and I live in Illinois, so I treasure the times we get to spend together.

I read the poem and then we thumbed through the pages and I showed them some of the beautiful illustrations.  Both of them love books and love to be read to.  Payton was excited to see the illustrated Christmas story, as he's been practicing to be in a Christmas program at church.

When I mentioned that I had bought the book specifically for them, but that I would keep it at my house, Payton asked, "Why can't we take it home?"

Why indeed? He promised that he would have his parents read to him from the book during the holidays, and I know my daughter-in-law will make sure that it's kept nice.

I wrote in the front of the book, giving it to Payton and Josiah with all my love. I hope they enjoy it for years to come.

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Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have a collection of Christmas books and I really cherish them. I look forward to sharing them with Grandchildren some day. I have added to the collection from garage sales and half price has been fun to grow it. Cindy, make sure you enter to win my Soft Surroundings topper...its a keeper!!

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