Thursday, June 30, 2011

Faith Deployed...Again: Hope and Comfort for Military Wives and Moms

"Hope and encouragement - I can think of no greater gift to give the military home front. Faith Deployed...Again is Christian military wives and mothers...cheering, encouraging, challenging, guiding, mentoring us in our journey to know the Author of Hope, Jesus Christ, while we combat the challenges of the military lifestyle."--Benita Koeman, Operation We Are Here

When my friend and former neighbor Kathy Guzzo told me she had contributed to a devotional for military wives and moms, I thought that was awesome!

I've kept in touch with Kathy through the years, and knew that her son Brian had been a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that she is active in supporting the troops and military families at home.

Faith Deployed...Again, by Jocelyn Green, includes 25 contributing authors from every branch of the U.S. military. Each brief but meaningful and practical devotion includes a question to ask yourself and a prayer.

Listen to this 2-minute clip from an interview with contributing author Kathy Guzzo.

Kathy conducts a ministry for military familes called "Hope at Home." To receive her newsletter, e-mail Kathy Guzzo at

From Faith

Kathy Guzzo is the mother of four adult children and the author of several articles for military families, including the brochure, “Deployment: What’s A Family To Do?” Her son served in the USMC from 2004-2008, which included deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. She is the coordinator for Hope at Home Ministry in Rockford, Illinois, serving women with loved ones in the military. She also writes a bi-weekly newsletter sharing encouragement and resources with women across the country. Kathy and her husband of thirty-two years, Mickey, live in Rockford, Illinois.

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Heart n Soul said...

Wow, what a great idea! .... thanks for popping by my blog. So nice to meet you :) Check out my ' Inspire me' project ... perhaps you have an inspiring story to link up.

Kristen Thornburg said...

I have heard that book is a good one!

Jan said...

Wow... got to send this link to my lovely daughter-in-law... Firstborn deploys to Iraq soon. (His first deployment.)
PS: Linking to my recent post about this.

Jan said...

whoops, did NOT link. never mind.

Joyce said...

Sounds like a wonderful devotional that could be a great encouragement to a lot of people.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

CINDY!!! HOW NICE TO SEE YOU!!! Yes, music and art, they go together, but to stretch the imagination a bit and connect the two to MELD together, that is a challenge!!! HOW LOVELY TO SEE YOU! Have a fabulous weekend as we celebrate the people who go in to fight for our country and for those who went ahead of them. What a difficult BUT wonderful world, indeed.


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