Saturday, April 02, 2011

Someone just reviewed one of my favorite, but somewhat obscure, books of all time!

Someone else loves a book I've always loved!

Several months ago, I launched a blog completely devoted to my passion for books and reading--Cindy's Book Club.

I've really been having difficulty attracting readers to my book blog, which is rather frustrating! One of the things I do to try to gain readers is participate in Semicolon's Saturday Review of Books--a wonderful book meme.

Today, I was inordinately thrilled and excited to find that someone else had not only heard of Auntie Robbo, by Ann Scott-Moncrieff, but was actually reviewing it, and seems to love it as much as I do!

Carol of Magistra Mater-Reflecting Wonder writes:

"P.G. Wodehouse meets Robert Louis Stevenson.

Mix two parts E. Nesbit with three parts Jerome K. Jerome.

Here is a diamond of a book!

I want to wave down readers and persuade them to read this gem. "

She goes on to say:

This is a book I plan to read at least once a year until I slip into my dotage. I laughed aloud; I disrupted my husband's concentration, intruding with quotes. I have plans for read alouds with the grands. I'm baffled whyAuntie Robbo has remained unknown to me before now.

I couldnt' agree more with Carol's review. I DO read Auntie Robbo at least once a year, which is why I had to seek out another copy to replace my falling-apart one in 2004.

You can read about my love for the book, and how I found another copy online, here.

I also blogged about it and one of my other childhood favorites here...and listed it as one of the "15 books that will always stick with me" here.

According to Carol, you can read Auntie Robbo in full at Gutenberg. I'm echoing Carol's "dare you to read the first chapter!"

In fact, I think it's time I read it again. :)

Oh...and please check out my book blog? I would love to have more than a handful of readers!

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Carol in Oregon said...


Ann Scott-Moncrieff wrote The Black Drake and Other Stories. (Click on her name in Amazon and this book comes up. I'm just not willing to pay $46 for it.)

She also wrote poetry. I learned that natives of the island Orkney are called Orcadians. See

So there are poems and short stories out there. Somewhere.

I've searched five pages of Google. There is a magazine that features Ann Scott-Moncrieff but is "dear".

Ann's husband George wrote books, as did George's uncle (he translated Proust).

At least for Americans, I think she is obscure.

But! Her writing reminds me of O. Douglas, the pen name for Anna Buchan. Have you read her? My favorite is Penny Plain.



Cindy Swanson said...

Carol, I haven't read O. Douglas, but thanks so much for the tip! I'm still just thrilled that someone loves "Auntie Robbo" as much as I do. And I totally agree with you that it would make a great movie! Hollywood needs to listen to us! :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

HaPpY to meet you Cindy!
thx for the follow at twitter :) and your lovely comments at FHC ~
i've found that the more i visit other blogs and comment, the more return visitors.. hoping that's of helP? also, i blog and give it to God to bless , break and multiply it as He sees fit... no stress - it's all about Him - one or none - the message goes where He desires, not up to me - His purposes are what matter not mine.... blessings!

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