Friday, April 15, 2011

The Royal Wedding a Royal Pain? Not for me! :)

Go here for my post with pictures of the beautiful Royal Wedding!

So a prince is getting married in England. Why do I care?

Honestly, I can only chalk it up to the hopeless romantic in me. Years ago, I watched Charles and Diana tie the knot in a ceremony that was redolent of fairy-tale romance. Later, I was saddened when that marriage failed, and even more saddened when Diana died, way too early.

Girly girl that I am, I loved looking at Diana's fashions, which she carried off with such style and grace.

Now her son is getting married to a lovely girl who seems to have a full measure of her late mother-in-law's style and grace. So, sue me, YES--I'm into it!

My friends Max and Jan went to England recently and brought me back a lovely little refrigerator magnet...

My own small piece of the wedding hoopla! I love it.

I'm sure there are many who share the feelings of this British blogger:

I’m going to be honest and admit I see it as a complete over-hyped event. Two people are getting married; fair play, they love each over and let them live in marritial [sp] bliss for the rest of their lives but does the whole country have to stop and take notice? Of course we’ll all be grateful of the day off but how many of you can truthfully say you will sit down and watch the wedding? I surely won’t. The pub sounds much more attractive. People can watch the wedding and can celebrate as they please so long as they don’t drag me into it; its a waste of money and time.

A Princess Bride

Besides the fact that Kate Middleton is lovely and wears gorgeous clothes, she's going to be a PRINCESS. What little American girl hasn't dreamed of being a princess? My daughter even had dresses as a little girl that we called "princess dresses."

Disney has also been responsible for making sure that little girls everywhere are steeped in the princess fantasy.

And though most of us aren't old enough to remember it, we still enjoy looking at the pictures of beautiful actress Grace Kelly becoming PRINCESS Grace.

No, I won't get up in the wee hours of the morning on April 29th to watch the royal couple tie the knot...but I'll admit I'm looking forward to seeing her wedding gown...and who doesn't like to look at wedding pictures?

I will also be wishing Will and Kate the very best. Certainly I hope their marriage is happy and long-lasting, unlike that of Will's royal parents.

So, if you have any snarky comments about how royalty is just a figurehead now, and the whole royal wedding is just a royal pain in the posterior, you can keep them to yourselves. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I am INTO this royal wedding.

*Will and Kate photos via

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Joyce said...

I haven't kept up with the royal wedding too much, but it is fun to read a snippet every now and then on the yahoo features after I log out of my email. I'm looking forward to hearing about it.

Zoanna said...

I'm with you, really INTO the wedding hoopla. I followed Princess Di's every move, and I think Princess Grace was one of the top 10 most beautiful women I've ever seen (even if she was before my time). My daughter's name is Sarah (which means "princess") and her middle name is Grace. Her daddy picked it out long before he met me; he just liked the name, and I LOVE it.

jennibell said...

I love it!!! I, too, remember watching Princess Di get married with my mother. . .and remember when I heard about her car crash and death too. There's just something captivating about it all, isn't there? I'm not "following" the wedding but if I come across something someone posts on FB or something like your post, I enjoy reading about it :) Kate is just gorgeous, isn't she? They are a beautiful couple. I do have to say, though, I'm glad to NOT live in England right now. . .I do think the constant coverage that I can imagine is happening there would get on my nerves. You can bet I'll buy the People Magazine featuring their wedding though!

Pineapple Princess said...

Now following your beautiful blog!

You have the most gorgeous sounding voice!! Serious!

One More Equals Four said...

I can remember getting up RIDICULOUSLY early to watch Princess Diana marry. It was every little girl's dream come true! I will not be getting up for this one, but I am like you, I can't wait to see the pictures and I hope this is a happily ever after story!

Have a great weekend!

Milica said...

I am on the bandwagon and having a great time!
I love all the royal wedding hoopla!
You have amazing friends to bring you that wonderful magnet!
I too watched the Charles/Diana wedding and followed her throughout her life.
I will be up on the 29th. I just couldn't sleep through it all!

Katharine said...

I remember getting up early to watch Charles and Diana's wedding, and now, I will be getting up early with my 17yr old daughter, who is every bit into this royal wedding as as I was that one! There is something about the romantic, fairytale of it all that keeps us captivated!

mholgate said...

I watched Charles and Diana's wedding too. It's hard to believe her son is getting married. I agree that it is like a fairytale, but I won't be getting up early to watch either. I'll stick to the highlights! :)


Danyelle said...

I'm like you and won't be waking up in the wee hours to watch the wedding, but I will be very interested to see pictures once I'm awake. :)

Simone said...

I so agree with you :)

I think William and Kate are a wonderful couple, truly in love and I am looking forward to watching all the wedding on TV on the day. I live in London but I figure I will get a much better view of EVERYTHING (including the minute when we see her dress!) at home :)

I do remember the excitement of Charles and Diana's wedding - that did seem a much bigger event in London I have to say, the sadness of the divorce and the devastating news of Diana's death which was a terrible terrible day in London :(

I do think some people do share the view of the blogger you quoted - but quite agree that if you can't say something nice.....

I think people have such affection for William and Harry and wish them well....wouldn't their mother be so proud of them?


Simone said...

PS I went to an exhibition about Grace Kelly in Monaco a couple of years ago and her wedding dress was one of the exbibits....I've never seen such a tiny waist in all my life!! It was beautiful.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

I'm looking forward to watching the Big Day.... where I live I'll be getting up to see it at 2 am....

It's a tradition, I've been getting up for the British Royal weddings since I was a young teen watching Princess Ann marry!

Ooooo... and I've always been smitten with Princess Grace. Her dress was my idea of fairy tale Princess all the way! (Although her wedding was well before my time)

Epic said...

I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. You can find the details on my blog here:
‘Epic’ job Blogging!!!

Alice said...

I remember getting up early to see Diana marry Charles, of course. Now that William is marrying Kate, not only will I be up at 4:45 (coverage starts then!), I'm letting my girls stay home from school that day to watch, plus their aunt is coming to spend the night and watch with us. We'll be wearing tiaras with our pajamas and having scones and tea. Can't wait!

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