Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An A to Z of Favorite Baby Names

I've always been fascinated with names! Over the years, I've enjoyed watching the trends come and go in baby names. According to Circle of Moms, here are the most popular baby names for 20-11, A to Z. I've added some celebrity bearers of some of the names. Enjoy...and if you're planning an addition to the family, perhaps get some ideas!

A is for Aiden and Alexis

Aidan Quinn

B is for Benjamin and Bella

C is for Connor and Chloe

D is for Dylan and Dakota

Dylan McDermott

E is for Elijah and Emma

Emma Roberts

F is for Finn and Faith

Faith Hill

G is for Gavin and Grace

Grace Kelly

H is for Hunter and Hailey

I is for Ian and Isabella

Ian Anthony Dale

J is for Jacob and Jennifer

K is for Kaden and Kaylee

L is for Logan and Lily

M is for Michael and MaKayla

N is for Noah and Natalie

Natalie Wood

O is for Owen and Olivia

Olivia Wilde

P is for Parker and Paige

Q is for Quin (and possibly, Quinn)

R is for Ryan...and Ryan!

S is for Samuel and Sophia

T is for Tyler and Taylor

Taylor Swift

V is for Vincent and Victoria

W is for Wyatt and Willow

X is for Xander and Xzavion

Y is for Yoshi and Yasmine

Z is for Zachary and Zoe

Zachary Levi

More thoughts on the baby naming trend here.

What are your favorite names? Planning to name a baby anytime soon? Let me know in my comments!

*all images from tumblr


Kori said...

Such a fun post! I haven't even thought about it since I'm single! Have a blessed Tuesday sweetie. Kori xoxo


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

great post..I love names....

I so want to touch base with all those that stopped by during the blog party. I loved having you and am going to explore your blog...Loved making so many new friends..

Lindsey said...

that's funny, two of my three kids names are on there...ian and natalie :) even though we TRIED to pick unpopular names, it didn't seem to work out that way!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I love Aidan and Dylan! Mmm, so handsome!

I know I'm late stopping by from UBP but I'd love to know what your husband does for a living. You mentioned he's in education.

And thanks for stopping by Toronto Teacher Mom!

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