Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Biggest Loser Update: No, No, not Courtney!!!

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Farewell to a remarkable young lady

Listen to my Biggest Loser update, or just read the post below:

Well, last night the Biggest Loser ranch said good-bye to my favorite contestant of this season--Courtney.

What an amazing young woman. When you talk about The Biggest Loser, you toss the word "inspiration" around a lot--but in Courtney's case, I have to say the word was truly deserved.

21-year-old Courtney had already lost over 100 pounds on her own when she came to the show...where she lost another 92 pounds.

As this week's show began, Courtney was the only person left on the red team, coached by trainer Brett (who I've grown to like more and more over the course of the show.)

She had been experiencing what she called a "plateau"--although, in the real world and in my experience, a plateau is when the scale is NOT budging. Courtney had never stopped losing weight...she was just doing it slowly, and that's not good enough for the Biggest Loser show. You have to pull substantial numbers or you get eliminated.

So despite giving it her all, basically working her rear end off (literally), Courtney only lost one pound this week. And that meant that not only she had to go home, but so did her trainer, Brett.

It was one of the show's saddest moments. All the trainers were incredulous and even angry. I think sometimes the trainers get really frustrated with the "game" aspect of the show, and last night was one of those times.

Courtney's attitude was, as always, amazing. She assured everyone that she knew all about losing weight at home, and that her weight loss journey was far from over.

I have loved the confidence and determination of this young lady from Day One. I'm so sorry she's gone, because she was the one I wanted to win it all. I honestly don't know who will be my favorite now.

One of her parting comments was to tell the audience directly that you DON'T have to be on the Biggest Loser ranch to lose weight, and she encouraged us all to get up off the couch, believe in ourselves, and make it happen. For me, her few words of encouragement were better than an hour-long sermon on the need to lose weight!

As we saw in her follow-up, Courtney's doing fine at home. I have every confidence that when we see her at the finale, we're going to be wowed. She's a beautiful young woman with the kind of spirit and attitude that will take her far in life.

How about you? Were you sad to see Courtney go? Who is your favorite to win it all?

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Ashley said...

I hated to see Courtney go, too. Really, I hate to see any of them go, but it's necessary. One of the many reasons why I love this show, especially when compared to other competition shows, is that the contestants truly understand each other and develop an honest attachment to each other. They want to win, but more often, they want each other to be successful.

I'm sure you know the news that this is Jillian's last season on BL. I've been wondering if the two new trainers were in a sort of "contest" of their own to see who's more "successful" and "win" the open spot for season 12. Any ideas?

Jenny said...

It was sad to see her go. But I know she can do this at home!
I don't have a favorite to win... but, while I wish him all the success in the world, I wouldn't mind if Roulon got sent home next. I think that there are people who want it more than him, but that isn't to say that he doesn't need to be there. He definetely does.

Cindy Swanson said...

Thanks for the comments, Ashley and Jen!

I know that Jillian is leaving...not sure about there being any sort of competition between the trainers...I would be fine if both Brett and Cara stayed, along with Bob. They've had 3 trainers before.

I wouldn't mind if Kaylee left. To be honest, she kind of annoyed me when she was so determined to go home a few weeks ago! I think that shifted the outcome from then on.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for following the Middle Matters Blog hop and Just Wedeminute! I'm following you back now!

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