Sunday, April 03, 2011

Men in Hats--A Style That Needs to Make a Come-Back

Jon Hamm on "Mad Men"

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Not long ago, I blogged about men in ties. But while it may be true that not enough men wear ties (I think they look great in them), what about hats? I'm not talking baseball caps. I'm talking hats, like men wore when men were men. Is there anything more suave, more classy, more downright COOL than a man in a hat?

My husband, who is bald and beautiful, got a fedora a couple of years ago to wear with his overcoat. He looks FANTASTIC in it. You'll often see Justin Timberlake, Jude Law, or Johnny Depp rocking an old-school fedora or trilby.

Just peruse these photos and tell me if you don't think men's hats need to come back in a big way! (And yes, I'd love it if women started to wear hats more, too. That may be a subject for a whole 'nother post!)

Frank Sinatra was the hat king


Some Google research on men in hats turned up several websites that claim men ARE wearing classic hats more. How do you feel about that? If you're a man, do you ever wear a hat? If you're a woman, is this a style you'd like your man to wear more?

Let me know in my comments!

Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Public Enemies--gangsters were all about hats!

Alan Ladd


A hat for the modern young man


Hugh Jackman

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Unknown said...

Cindy, I agree. I think Joel would too. I love the look of the older films where men wore the wool overcoats and the fedoras. I want to buy a fedora but I don't think Chyleen digs it too much. I have a nice long wool overcoat that I love to wear in the winter with my suits. The fedora would just top it off. And as far as ties, even though they can be restrictive, I still will not wear a suit without one. I always try to choose the business tie too. Either the stripes or polka dots. It's business savvy. I guess maybe I was born in the wrong era. So, in a few words: Bring back the hats!

Unknown said...

Thank you for coming by My blog and taking a look around! I'm returning the favor!! Men in hats - I would tend to agree and I completely agree that Mr Sinatra was King. LOVE HIM!!
The photo of you and the Hubby Is darling! A radio announcer? How cool is that!!

Michael @ said...

Mad Men has certainly left it mark on men's fashion. We'll have to see if it extends to hats. I have my grandfathers fedora (in perfect shape). My 2 year old likes to wear it and looks totally adorable, so perhaps toddlers in hats will be the next big trend? Dropping by from UBP11. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Shabby Soul said...

I like the look of men in hats, but I am of the opinion that not just every guy can pull that look off. My hubby is a preacher & wears ties all the time (& I love ties!).

Epic said...

Since we're bringing back hats, let's also bring back the well tailored three piece suit. Men's fashion can use a little bit of sprucing up.

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