Monday, September 27, 2010

Blogs of Gentility, Grace and Charm

I've mentioned earlier that along with my renewed interest in blogging has come a renewed interest in other blogs.

Since I last actively read other blogs, a plethora of new ones have sprung up into the blogosphere.

Lately I've been finding blogs that actively endorse and applaud things that are sorely missing in today's society, like civility and graciousness.

Bringing Lady Back is just such a blog. The author, Bethany, explains:

Having seen one too many bare midriffs, heard far too many foul words coming “out of the mouths of babes”, and knowing I need to guide my daughters through these murky waters, I decided to do something about it.

I created this blog for those who would like to live in a world where we can be free from the insipid insult and protruding pantie. Here you will find a collection of inspiring rules and quotes for women of all ages to refer to in order to live a more beautiful, fulfilling life.

Each day brings a new piece of wisdom or guideline for graciousness, courtesy and ladylikeness. I love it!

Another such blog is Live the Charmed Life.

The author, Deanne, recently blogged 100 Ways to Age with Grace, Elegance and Joie de Vivre. Here are some of my favorites:

--Smile more, it’s an instant facelift

--Learn a foreign language now, to help stave off Alzheimer’s Disease later

--Mentor someone younger, it’s a great way to help one another understand a different generation

--Moisturize religiously

--Don’t dress in a frumpy manner

Grow Line is another blog with this same spirit of civility and grace. It looks like it may have just opened shop in cybersphere, but I'm looking forward to good things from the mother-daughter team who write it. This from their profile:

Grow Line’s passion is to revive the “art” of being a lady while encouraging manners and grace. Our profound desire is to inspire little girls, young ladies, and women to “Grow” into creative and confident women who are rich in mind, soul, and spirit.

We could certainly use more graciousness in our society, and I believe the good things we do cause a ripple effect. I applaud the spirit and purpose of these blogs.

Let me know in my comments section if you know of other such blogs.

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