Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Wedding on the Lake

Promontory Point, Chicago

Last night my husband and I went to the wedding of a young man we've known all his life, Andrew, and his lovely bride Jeanna. The setting couldn't have been more beautiful. It was in a quaint little stone building on Promontory Point, pictured right.

(I'm just sick that my camera has been acting up and I wasn't able to take any pictures, but I found some on the internet so you can at least get a feel of what the wedding was like.)

A view of the wedding hall

French doors/windows cover the outer walls of the venue, so you can easily glimpse Lake Michigan, which was a gorgeous dark turquoise color yesterday(the wedding began at 4:30 PM.) A nice, gentle breeze blew through the open doors during the ceremony.

Afterwards, the reception was held at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, which is actually housed in a beautifully-restored turn-of-the-century Chicago fire station.

The food was delicious. I dined on King Salmon with mushrooms and spinach in madeira sauce, and my husband had Mango and Chili Pork Chops with whipped sweet potatoes and shredded cooked cabbage. The wedding cake? Chocolate with a thick, white buttercream frosting to die for (or to abandon your diet for!)

I love Chicago anyway, and last night it was at its most gorgeous. All in all, a truly wonderful evening in one of my favorite cities in the world!


Debbie said...

A lovely place for a wedding. It must be the season for weddings. I attended my niece's wedding over Labor Day weekend. And tonight I just attended a beautiful wedding of my friend's daugher.


Lea said...

Looks like my kind of wedding! We haven't been to a wedding in ages and ages. It seemed that all we did for a few years was attend parties concerning weddings or weddings themselves. We're enjoying the break! :o)

Happy week!

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