Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two years past Katrina

a church continues to rebuild

Pastor Don Elbourne

A year ago, I blogged about an interview with Don Elbourne, pastor of the Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore, Mississippi. A year after the devastating hurricane, Lakeshore Baptist was still struggling to rebuild.

Pastor Elbourne blogs an update today.
He writes:

Two years later and we still find ourselves picking up the pieces, digging out from under the rubble and seeing God Glorify himself in ways we never could have imagined. For 730 days now God has poured out his mercy and sustained us with his grace.

Katrina completely destroyed our church buildings and left everyone in our community homeless. Through the hard work of God-sent volunteers we have physically helped over 100 families in Lakeshore rebuild their homes by rehabbing the remains of their flooded skeleton structure or rebuilding from the ground up. Donations from across the country have provided assistance to literally hundreds more.

Read more here.

I'm trying to contact Don now, to hopefully put together an update interview with him. It's clear that there is still much to be done.

As Don writes today:

I know two years is a long time, but the job is far from complete. Please do not forget about us. Remember us in prayer, tell others of the work God continues to accomplish here, and plan a trip to come participate in this mission of mercy as we rebuild Lakeshore for the glory of God.


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Marsha said...

Great interview, such an inspiration.

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