Thursday, August 09, 2007

13 Things I Did in Texas

1) Flew into Austin's Bergstrom Airport, which is much less crazy and maddening than O'Hare.

2) Got to see my precious grandson Payton for the first time since April, the morning after I arrived...met him and his parents for breakfast at Round Rock's Cafe Java (warning: this post will talk about food a lot!)

3) Went back to the airport that night to meet my sister Beverly and her granddaughter Kali, all the way from Wyoming!

4) On Sunday, sang with my sisters at Faith Baptist Church in Round Rock.

5) Had Sunday lunch at Duke's BBQ Smokehouse in Georgetown, TX. (In contrast to Austin's "Keep Austin Weird" slogan, Georgetown's is "Keep Georgetown Normal"!

6) Spent quality time with my dear loved ones!

7) Laughed with my sisters a lot. There are no women on this earth that I'd rather be with!

8) Went with my mom to have a second mammogram done (an "area of concern" had been found at her previous mammogram)--and found that she has a clean bill of health. What a celebration!

9) Had incredible Tex Mex food at Chuy's.

10) Had incredible Tex Mex food at Vivo. (Yes...I love Tex Mex food!)

11) Went swimming almost every day at the pool at my son and daughter-in-law's was heavenly...and the baby came in the pool too. He LOVED it!

12) Went shopping at a very cool place called The Domain.

13) Do you even have to ask? OF COURSE I had Round Rock Donuts!

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Barbara H. said...

Love Tex-Mex! Glad your mom is ok and you had a great time visiting home!

Just D said...

You are really making me miss my hometown! When I was growing up, Bergstrom was an Air Force Base! The Domain is great and I am glad you reminded me about Round Rock doughnuts. (Note to self: next time you are in Austin, go get some doughnuts.) said...

It sounds like you had the time of your life!!
What in the world are Round Rock doughnuts???

So happy your Mom had a clean bill of health!!

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