Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirteen Random Things About Me

Since I'm having a very busy day today, this is actually expanded from a list of Eight Random Things About Me that I was tagged for a while back. Happy TT, everyone!

1. I spent two years in Beirut, Lebanon, when I was a child (my parents were missionaries.) As a litte girl I was immediately enchanted by the beauty of the place, which was not yet marred by war.

2. In the fifth grade, while in Lebanon, I got to help interview astronaut John Glenn. (I've blogged about the experience here.)

3. My favorite book of all time, not including the Bible which goes without saying, is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte.

4. I had all three of my children by Cesarean section, and all of my children were born in the 80's.

5. I used to collect Coca-Cola stuff; I still have quite a lot of it, but I'm not currently displaying it in my home, and I'm even thinking about selling it on E-bay.

6. I am quite good at calligraphy.

7. I can do a very good impression of Dolly Parton singing "Jolene."

8. I am a voice-over artist, and my voice can be heard on tutorials for several computer programs, including Windows Vista Media Center.

9. I don't like circuses, and never have. I don't know's not a fear thing; they just bore me.

10. Mountains and bodies of water are my favorite things in nature.

11. I have naturally curly hair that has driven me crazy all my life...except during the 80's, when I was envied for having really big hair and never having to have a perm.

12. I love to sing and I enjoy public speaking, and am available to speak to women's groups.

13. I enjoy blogging, and I'm nearing my 4th blogiversary!

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kat said...

I might know your voice when I hear it. Cool! Great list, Cindy! And the 66 responses, yeah, felt good to be welcomed like that :)

Happy TT'ing!

Can we exchange links? :)

DK said...

This is a great list! See, I learned some neat things about you - I didn't know your folks were missionaries. :) And we have Windows Vista Media Center - gotta go listen! Have a fabulous weekend :)

MotoMom said...

Fun list. I am currently having Jayne Eyre delivered into me by email to re-read at work.

Thanks for coming by to visit.

Callista said...

Thanks for the visit, I enjoyed reading about you.

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