Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Comment Challenge!

Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier by Paul Cézanne

...and some other stuff

OK, I'll admit it...I need some encouragement!

I've noticed that my blog readership has been down considerably during the past several weeks. Something that would really cheer me up would be some comments!

If you normally just lurk, or if you haven't commented lately, would you please do so today?

There are two ways to comment on my blog. You can either click on "Comments" or click on "Notes from You."

Please, just de-lurk and either tell me something about yourself, what brings you to my blog, or even ask me a question. Feel free to tell me about your own blog if you have one, and give readers a link to it.

You don't want me to be depressed, do you? So, go ahead...COMMENT! :)

Other stuff...

--Hat tip to Angela Hunt of A Life in Pages: The Rapture Song. (You'll only find this amusing if you grew up being taught the Biblical belief of the rapture!)

--The Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings of All Time (hat tip to The Evangelical Outpost). (One of them is pictured above.)

--Are you burning up? DK Raymer's A Flyover Blog has been providing some relief from the summer heat.

--Author Deborah Raney just let me know about a very cool author-blog called The Plot Thickens. It's all about writers and their garden spots!

And now... PLEASE COMMENT! :)


Katy McKenna said...

Lady, you deserve COMMENTS. And blog love, LOTS of blog love. :) They worship leader who wrote The Rapture Song is our church worship leader!! My hubby is on the worship team, and when Randy did the song Sunday morning, first service, I MADE Doug use his considerable :) influence to get them to video it during second service. (Not that they wouldn't have thought of it without me, but still.....)

Love you, Cindy!!
Katy McKenna

Barbara H. said...

Hi Cindy! I was a little confused by the "notes from you" link -- wasn't sure if that was different from the comments link since they were both there.

I think I first came to your blog from a post on Sharper Iron a while back.

Deborah Raney said...

Hey, Cindy! Thanks for the mention! I'm a fan of your blog, too! And your book club! Wish I lived close enough to attend in person!

I love the photos of you and that grandbaby.

And I second Katy: that youtube video is fabulous! (Thanks to her and Doug for insisting they videotape!)

B said...

Hey Cindy! I've been here and I've been reading, just not commenting =)
I read through bloglines most days though.
Anyway, hope you get lots of comments today to help cheer you up! ;-)

Cathy said...

lol, Cindy, you know I enjoy your blog. You had lots of interesting topics today. You chose one of the prettiest pictures. And the video was nice. You should not be discouraged after being receiving that lovely award. Come visit me for some inspiration. :-) You probably just miss your sweet little grandson.

Ganns said...

I'm always here, Cindy. :) I always anticipate your next post, which never fails to cheer me up or get me a-thinkin'.

God superbless!

Ann-Marie said...

Cindy -
I didn't see you a lot when I was growing up, but when I did you were always so sweet and nice. Candice used to crack me up when she told me stories about Jon! I wish I had been in their class. cheer you mom always used you as a role model of what Christian women can do to serve God and be successful in their chosen career! You were part of what inspired me to follow my own creative career dreams!

I love your blog and read it every day!

Rodney Olsen said...

I'm still here ... reading every day. :)

Jessica said...

It's my first visit--but here is some comment love for you!

Lynne said...

Cindy - Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I visit often, but don't always leave a comment. I know how much it means to have folks take the time to acknowledge a post.

You were so kind to visit my blog and post there. Thanks. I do enjoy your book reviews and notes about authors.

Melissa said...

Hey there Cindy! Comments seem to come in waves, and it's kind of depressing when no one leaves them! Hope this post changed that for you! I've always enjoyed your blog, and while I don't read it every day, I usually stop by a few times a week. Wish I was back in Chicago so I could listen to you! Hopefully someday, Lord willing.

DK said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for mentioning my blog. The high today was 92 with no triple digits in the seven day forecast, so I think the winter pics are going away for awhile. Whew! It's about time... Have a terrific week
DK :)

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