Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Way-back Wednesday

What I was blogging about a year ago

Continuing my tradition of delving into the archives of Notes in the Key of Life, here's a taste of what I was blogging about a year ago...


Actually, I didn't get tagged for this meme...I saw it at Carol's She Lives, and decided to take part.

Here are ten of my simple pleasures, in no particular order:

1) Hearing my kids laugh
2) Reading the Life section of USA Today
3) Getting a pedicure
4) Black Cherry Vanilla Coke--or the diet version, it's almost as good
5) Seeing the first daffodils
6) A phone call from one of my sisters
7) My husband giving me a compliment
8) Getting the Estee Lauder gift-with-purchase
9) Eating out with friends
10) Hearing a favorite old song on the radio

How about you?


4/25/07--P.S. A year later, all those simple pleasures still hold true, with the possible exception of the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I was going through a Black Cherry Vanilla Coke phase last year, but I would have to say my guilty pleasure now is just good old Coca-Cola.

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