Thursday, April 19, 2007

13 Random but Interesting Things

1) Prompted by his college-age daughter, Dennis Rainey of Family Life Today has issued a Call to Prayer for Virginia Tech. Read all about it here.

Here is a Campus Crusade for Christ website devoted to the matter. The site also has this page where you can respond to a call to prayer.

In its profiles of some of the victims, USA Today includes those of Rachael Elizabeth Hill ("committed to her faith"). Campus Crusade for Christ member Lauren McCain ("she was a young lady who loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart"), as well as Brian Bluhm ("devoted to his faith and his friends.")

4) Re: the affirmation of the ban on partial-birth abortion: La Shawn Barber is a woman of rare courage.

5) Why are some of the media trying to portray Don Imus as a conservative? He is not.

6) Another amazing Lost episode. They just keep getting better! For reactions and theories (some of them wacky), go here.

7) Sherry at Semicolon is also blogging about Lost. Check it out not only for the content, but to see the terrific pic of Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond.)

8) Mercifully (in my opinion), Sanjaya is gone from American Idol. Linda of 2nd Cup of Coffee blogs about it wittily here.

9) I am just now emerging from one of the worst sinus infections ever. I have determined that I'm going to do some research on sinus infections and find out how, if it's possible, to prevent them.

10) BooMama is heading up an effort to raise money for the medical expenses of a young woman named Heather. Read all about it, and help if you can, here.

11) I've been following, with admiration and envy, the weight-loss journey of The Amazing Shrinking Mom. Her blog is a source of real encouragement and practical info for anyone trying to lose weight. And now, she has Before and After pics. She has really becoming a different woman! Wonderful.

12) Among my favorite writers coming out with new books: Angela Hunt (The Elevator) and BJ Hoff (The Song Weaver). Must read! Must read!


My comments are in a book! Maybe I'm a dork for being so excited about this, but my endorsement comments are on the first page of Jane Kirkpatrick's A Tendering in the Storm. I had the privilege of reading this book before it was printed so that I could submit my comments. It was a labor of love, as Jane Kirkpatrick is an amazing writer, and I absolutely loved the book. Go buy it if you can! (Actually, first you'll want to read the first book in the series, A Clearing in the Wild.

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