Thursday, April 26, 2007

13 Hottest Urban Legends from

One of the best sites to confirm or disprove urban legends and dubious e-mails is Here, from their site, are the top 12 Hottest Urban Legends (NOTE--not all of the legends are completely false):

1) Hercules--Photo shows Hercules, the "world's biggest dog."

2) Life is Beautiful--Warning about a Power Point-based computer virus.

3) Holocaust Teaching in UK Schools--E-mail claims students in the UK are not taught about the Holocaust.

4) Hits the Nail on the Head--Essay falsely attributed to Jay Leno urges Americans to focus on the positive.

5) 809 Area Code Scam--
E-mail warns about scammers sending pages from the 809 area code.

6) Invitation Virus--E-mail warns about invitation (or Olympic Torch) computer virus.

7) #-9-0 Phone Scam
Warning about scammers running up long distance charges by asking victims to press #-9-0 on their phones.

8) Social Security Petition--E-mail advocates denying U.S. social services to non-citizens.

9) Citgo Boycott/Buycott--E-mail urges Americans to buy/not buy gasoline from Citgo or Petro Express stations.

10)--Bee Sting Treatment--E-mail advises easing the pain of a bee sting by taping a copper penny to it.

11) Where Have All the Leaders Gone?--E-mail reproducs excerpts from Lee Iacocca's Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

12) Glade Plug-Ins Fire Hazard--E-mail claims Glade PlugIns air fresheners are a major fire hazard.

13) Cell phone tips--E-mail lists five little know but useful functions of cell phones.

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