Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayer needs for Virginia Tech

Campus ministries respond to the tragedy

Many thanks to Donna-Jean of Liberty and Lily for providing some direction for people who want to pray for those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Donna-Jean commented: "Praying with you, Cindy. On my blog is a letter from campus missionaries to student officers at VT for Campus Bible Fellowship, along with a list of prayer requests. CBF's website is also there - if you go on it, there is a phone number for the campus missionaries. Perhaps you could interview them. It's so vital that God's people pray for this situation!"

The post Donna refers to is here. Do check it out.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship also has a presence at Virginia Tech. Robert Howe of InterVarsity is quoted in this article:

"As far as helping students, Howe says they're going to 'point them to the Lord and His sovereignty; He's in control of the situation. We know that God is at work in this town, and we don't understand what has happened today. But we know that God is in control, and that's what we're going to keep pointing our students back to.'

And interestingly, a Korean chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ at Virginia Tech had tried to reach out to gunman Cho Seung-Hui, according to this article:

"Young-Hwan Kim, the president of the Korean Campus Crusade for Christ on campus, said his group had tried repeatedly to get Cho involved in its activities. Cho rebuffed the invitations and declined to provide contact information, said Kim, 24, a graduate student in civil engineering.

"'No one knew him,' Kim said. 'We had no contact throughout four years. It's amazing. We could not reach out to him.'"

I'm glad these campus ministries are striving to be salt and light, not just at Virginia Tech, but at colleges and universities around the world. They are truly on the front lines of a battle that most of us couldn't begin to fight, and they are uniquely placed to minister where most of us would be ineffective--but where the darkness is rife and the need is enormous. They deserve our prayers.

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