Friday, March 23, 2007

Sincerely thankful that it's Friday

I don't know why, but this week has been kind of rough for me in some ways. I think it's been hard for me to get back into my normal schedule after my week of vacation, and my blogging has been one of the things that has suffered a bit.

I thought about blogging about "Lost" (was that last episode a jawdropper or what?), or about the fact that Sanjaya is still on American Idol while much better singers are dropping like flies. Amazing. (Check out Ganns Deen's amusing Thursday Thirteen--actually from last week--about possible reasons why Sanjaya is still not gone.)

(By the way, if you're a "Lost" fan, I'd love for you to give me your reactions and/or comments to Wednesday's episode, in my comments section.)

I even thought about doing the Friday's Feast meme, but I just don't have the energy to think up good replies.

So I leave you with a picture of my hubby with our new grandson, Payton. Yep, Grandpa is just as smitten as I am.

Hopefully I'll be a better blogger next week. Until then, everyone have a blessed weekend!

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