Monday, March 19, 2007

Back from God's Country

..Well, today's my first day back to reality. I just returned from a trip to the Austin, Texas area, the main purpose of which was to meet my adorable new grandson, Payton.

The good news: he's absolutely wonderful and incredible. The bad news: I don't live near him. I am now making it my mission in life to see him as often as is humanly possible. All of you grandparents who told me about falling in love with a grandchild--you were totally right. There's no way to describe it.

I had an amazing time in Texas. Not only did I get to spend quality face time with Payton, but also my son and daughter-in-law, my wonderful mom, my fantastic sister Lisa and her family, my brother's wife and daughters (he's in Iraq), and my fabulous sister Bev came down from Wyoming!

Flying back home would've been unbearably sad, but somehow Bev and I ended up on the same flight to, of all places, Minneapolis. Yep, I was flying to Chicago, but Northwest Airlines had me changing planes in the twin cities. Bev would fly back to Wyoming from there, and I would fly back to Chicago. But by a wonderful quirk, we were able to be on the plane from Austin to Minneapolis together on a two and a half hour flight! How awesome is that? I truly think it was a "God" thing.

Bev and me on the plane

Now I'm back home and suffering from post-vacation letdown. Hopefully the advent of spring weather and looking forward to seeing Payton this summer will get me through!

If you'd like to see more pictures of my Texas trip--and of course of wonderful Payton--go here.

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