Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In other words...

"If I'd abandon all that seeks to make my faith informed and chic, could You, would You, show Yourself to me?"
~ Nichole Nordeman~

Nichole Nordeman has a way with lyrics.

To people who say that all of today's Christian music lyrics are shallow, repetitive and superficial, I give you Nichole Nordeman. This lovely, intelligent singer-songwriter has a way of making you think.

In order to fully understand the context of this quote, I found the lyrics to the song from which the quote is taken, "Help Me Believe." In the song, Nichole is asking the Lord to take her back to the simple faith of her childhood, "...before rationale, analysis and systematic thinking/Robbed me of a sweet simplicity."

I often share Nichole's desire to strip away the man-made, man-promoted trappings of Christianity. Not only things that would make my faith "informed and chic," but things that would add to or complicate the straightforward simplicity of God's Word.

Don't get me wrong: doctrine and theology are essential, and I'm certainly not saying we shouldn't seek a deeper, clearer understanding of God. I just long to eliminate the man-made things that cloud the simplicity of His Word or unnecessarily burden living by His precepts.

Nichole's prayer, and mine? A return to simple, childlike faith.

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