Monday, February 05, 2007

"I am from"

Join an "I Am From" Contest

(The pic is of several of my cousins and me with my Grandma Garrett, circa 1967. I am the one with the goofy-looking dark hair, top far left. The baby in my Grandma's lap is my brother David.)

I've seen this "I am from" thing on many different blogs, but it took Mary at Owlhaven to get me to write one myself. Mary is holding a contest seeking entries in the "I am From" or "I am" format.

The deadline for the contest is February 10th.

Please go to this post at Owlhaven and tell her in her comments section that you heard about the contest right here at Notes in the Key of Life. Pretty please?

If you like, you can use this form as a prompt. That didn't fit very well for me, since my family moved around so much when I was growing up, I don't really feel like I am from one physical place. So I tailored it a bit, and I take it that's OK to do. Anyway, here's my "I Am From."

I am from dreamers and storytellers and wanderers, but I am also from workers and savers and entrepreneurs.

I am from ice-cold Coke and corner grocery stores and swimmin' holes and wishing wells and pumpjacks and oil fields.

I am from Celtic and Mediterranean, from Scottish and Irish and Spanish-French and Greek.

I am from laughers and debaters and preachers and performers and singers. Oh yes, I am from singers.

I am from dyed-in-the-wool Republican conservatives, but I am also from yellow-dog Democrats.

I am from talkers...people who will talk to you for hours about the knottiest and most profound theological questions, or the most trivial or hilarious of topics.

I am from writers...people who can express themselves on paper as easily, or even more easily, than they can verbally--and that's saying something.

I am from romanticists...people who don't deride romanticism as corny or schmaltzy; people that delight in a love story. Oh yes, I am from people that delight in a good story.

I am from musicians; as I told you, I am from singers. But that doesn't say it all. I am from people who would not be able to get through a day without music; I am from people who appreciate music, from people who "get" music; from people who are fluent in its language and understand its ability to convey truth and emotion.

I am from people who enjoy life to the fullest. From people who keenly savor and delight in everything from the physical expressions of love to the enjoyment of delicious food.

I am from humorists...from people who love to laugh and to make other people laugh. People who richly enjoy the funny in life.

I am from people who love and place a very high value on family.

I am from fiery Baptists and ardent Methodists, but I am also from Greek Orthodox and devout Catholics.

I am from people who love and revere God and His Word. I am from churchgoers and pastors and pastors' wives and missionaries and Sunday School teachers....from people who believe God is the be-all and end-all of all existence.

I am from Texans and Louisianians and Arkansans. I am from chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy and banana pudding.

I am from Garrett and Zarafonetis and Dozier and Carroll.

I am from Pepper and Cynthia.

I am blessed.

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