Thursday, February 01, 2007

13 Things To Let You Know About

1) I love American Idol, but I'm tending to agree with Robin Lee Hatcher's opinion about this year's version so far. Would it kill them to let us see a few more of the good singers and a few less of the freaks?

2) Speaking of Robin Lee Hatcher, she's featured in this month's Christian Women Online magazine. She's a wonderful author!

3) Christianity Today is Out with it's list of the Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2007.Have you seen any of them? Let me know if you liked them.

4) Speaking of films: "The Last Sin Eater" is based on a novel by one of my favorite authors, Francine Rivers. See the trailer here. Wow, a movie about a little girl that is wholesome and uplifting? What a concept.

5) I'm totally rooting for Da Bears, but I'm deeply impressed by the quiet faith and character of both Bears Coach Lovie Smith and Colts Coach Tony Dungy.

6) With the Academy Awards coming up, how would you like to see some of the old, classic Oscar-winning movies? USA Today's Pop Candy tells you how you can have your own private Oscar Fest.

7) I love Rodney Olsen's contingency plan for if his cell phone ever gets stolen.

8) You, too, can vote for America's Best Restroom!

9) Does it amaze anyone else that Michael Dell, CEO again of Dell Computers, is only 41 years old? People, he started the company in his college dorm room.

10) You know what? Eight-year-old standup comic Dustin Joiner is actually pretty funny. (hat tip to my co-host and comedian Darren Marlar.)

11) Who among us doesn't desperately need prayer? So I think this is a great idea.

12) Did I happen to mention that I'M A GRANDMA??? Beautiful Payton was born yesterday, January 31st.

13) And I've updated my slide show of Baby Payton with some pics of day 2 of his little life. So, I'm a pround grandma--isn't bragging rights part of the package? :)

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