Thursday, April 13, 2006

This must be a cross of love

Not long ago, I read a comment by a columnist who was vociferously anti-Christian and anti-God. It was something to the effect of, "So, Jesus died on the cross for us. We didn't ask him to!"

She's just one of many people who don't get it...who reject and scorn the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for us.

I'm reminded of a scene in the movie, The Matrix. Morpheus takes Neo to a busy street in a large city. People are going to and fro, frantically moving about their daily lives, each person totally unaware that their entire life is a lie, an illusion.

That scene cut me to the heart, because I realized that millions of people today are doing the same thing. They've bought the lie sold them by the world, the flesh and the devil. Perhaps they've been turned off of Christianity by charlatans, fakers, and people who are just poor representatives of Christ. For whatever reason, they reject the cross. To them, it truly is a stumblingblock (1 Corinthians 1:23).

No, we didn't ask Him to do it. So why did Christ die on the cross?

The answer is simple. Love is the reason. He loves even that person who is mocking and jeering and blaspheming Him. And He died for that person.

With Easter just around the corner, my thoughts are focused on that cross. I'm thinking of a song my sister Lisa and I often sing when we're together. It's called "Cross of Love," and it's from a musical called Savior--The Story of God's Passion for his People.

I was only able to find a short soundclip of Steve Green and Twila Paris singing this beautiful song. I did find this choir version in its entirety.

I've posted the lyrics below.

By the way, if you've stumbled on this blog by happenstance and have read this far, and you've so far rejected Christ for whatever reason, I urge you to reconsider.

Meantime, I won't be blogging again until next week. So to all who stop here on a regular basis, I wish a happy and blessed Easter!

Cross of Love

Blood and sorrow flow from the languid brow of Jesus dying;
and tears from Heaven's eyes are the anguished drops of a Father crying,
"Oh, why?"

Emblem of his pain, oh splintered wood of my transgression
I'll never comprehend how an act so great gave love expression--Oh, why?

And the people jeered at Him and mocked His holy name,
for they knew not who He was, nor why it was He came.
Some had come to offer help to soothe a mother's pain,
but as she watched her wounded Son, the comfort never came,
Oh, why?

This must be a cross of love
for God to bruise His only Son.
Jesus, what a sacrifice to reach us,
it had to be a cross of love!

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