Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have you ever had a really bad boss???

I have. Oh, believe me, I have.

And apparently so have a lot of other people. There's even a website devoted to the subject:, "Protecting People and Companies from Difficult Bosses." did an internet survey asking pople why they would like to can their boss. According to AP, "Nearly a third said they didn't trust their employer. About a-quarter of those who responded cite their supervisor's micromanaging.

Another ten percent said the boss was taking credit for the ideas and work of others. More than a-thousand people responded to the online
survey, which was designed by the human resource consulting
company, Development Dimensions International."

According to Badbossology, these are the most common bad boss behaviors:

--Reports and Surveys
--Harassment; Discrimination
--Inadequate Compensation
--Not Respecting Legal Rights
--Privacy Invasion

Having a bad boss is a really terrible feeling. Fortunately, I can name only one boss (and I won't mention his name here) that made my work life so unhappy that I actually dreaded coming to work. Also, fortunately, he wasn't my boss for long--just a little over a year.

I can vividly remember the day I found out he was leaving. I really wanted to throw a party! His last day on the job was a joyful one for me and my co-workers, all of whom were more than happy to see his departing backside.

And I would have to say, along with having a terrible personality and zero people skills, this boss's chief fault was his micromanaging. He was a serious control freak. I have often wondered how people who have no gift for interacting with other people end up in positions of power.

Of course, I have also had some wonderful bosses...ones who were characterized by good leadership skills but also flexibility, kindness, and the ability to delegate and not micro-manage. Thank the Lord for good bosses!

How about you? Have you had a really awful boss...or an exceptionally good one? I'd love to hear your stories!

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