Thursday, June 30, 2005

Enjoy this movie or your money back, guaranteed

My co-host, Darren Marlar, never does anything halfway. He has been blogging in earnest lately, and I love his humorous way with words.

Today, he's talking about the fact that in a rare marketing ploy, AMC movie theaters are guaranteeing your money back if you don't like Cinderella Man.

Darren's post is aptly titled "Pauly Shore Would Cease to Exist": "The power will be in OUR hands for a change - and then directors and producers would finally have a meeting and say to themselves, 'Hey, if we don't want to lose our mansions and limos, I think that perhaps we should think about coming out with movies people not only want to see, but will also enjoy while seeing.'"

Read the rest here.

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