Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Weird Thought of the Day

My son Jonathan

"With all the zombie movies out these days, I wonder if someday the advance of cosmetic surgey will render the genre implausible. Like the corpses emerge from the cemetary to be greated by the billboard: 'Undead? decayed flesh? sagging and distorted facial features? - Dr. James A. Plastic Surgeon will fix you right up!'"--my son Jonathan

Yes, I'm glad to see that my son Jonathan has returned to blogging after a lengthy hiatus. I'm not going to nag him, but I hope he'll blog more frequently now, because (being totally unbiased and impartial of course), I consider him extremely talented and interesting. :)

Disjointed Wednesday ramblings...

USA Today has an article today about Christian evangelicals getting involved in political issues other than abortion and same sex marriage--i.e, global warming, religious persecution, prison rape, world hunger, Sudan, etc.

Interestingly, this branching out into other areas of activism finds members of the evangelical right sometimes pulling in the same direction as liberal groups like the ACLU.

As long as we avoid being "unequally yoked," I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to sometimes be on the same page as such groups. In my view, it helps dispel the image we conservative Christians sometimes have of being uncaring and uncompassionate. My goodness! Of all people, Christians should be known for their compassion.

Quoting from Susan Page's article: "Evangelicals' engagement on a wider range of issues and their willingness to forge surprising coalitions reflect the growing maturity and sophistication of the most powerful emerging force in American politics today. And while the alliances formed on, say, the Sudan aren't likely to change anyone's mind when the topic turns to abortion or same-sex marriage, they could help moderate the bitter tone of the nation's politics."

Interesting stuff.

The Christian Carnival is up...

This week's Christian Carnival is up at Daddypundit. There's some great fodder for reading and pondering there.

Now, if you're a blogger and you haven't latched on to the Christian Carnival yet, it's simply a showcase of posts from the past week. It's hosted by a different blogger every week, but based at the Wittenberg Gate.

Entering one of your own posts in the Carnival is very easy. In fact, I go the really easy route by using this handy Carnival Submit Form. You can actually use this handy form to submit posts to any of several such "carnivals" and blog showcases.

The benefit to you as a blogger is getting your blog known and thereby increasing readership. I've always thought, why take the time to blog if no one is going to read it?

On a related note, major blogging diva La Shawn Barber mentioned on her blog today that she's thinking of writing an e-book about blogging: "A lot of readers ask how/why I started blogging, how I built a readership, etc. I’m thinking of writing an e-book and selling it on the site. There’s a market for it, I know a little about it, I’m self-employed, and I need the cash!:)"

Go for it, La Shawn...I think that's a great idea!

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