Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today is Favorite Columnist Day

James Lileks
Quote o' The Day:

"Splenda sounds like the name of one of the good witches of Oz -- perhaps the Good Witch of the Upper Northeast. But Splenda is your friend. At least until we find out in 20 years that it causes your flesh to suddenly slough off the bone, in which case there are going to be lawsuits galore. I mean, people want to be thin, but they don't want to be skeletons, the Olsen Twins notwithstanding; those girls appear to be auditioning for new careers as Walgreens' Halloween window decorations."--James Lileks

As part of our regular feature, "Holidays That Make You Go 'Hmm?'", Darren Marlar let me know that today is Favorite Columnist Day. Fittingly, Darren is the one who introduced me to the writings of James Lileks, who I would have to say is probably my favorite columnist.

Lileks has such a way with words, it makes me envious. But while I'm being envious, I'm laughing out loud. Granted, he's not the kind of columnist that generally provokes me to deep thought or action. He takes something quite ordinary, points out its silliness or incongruity, and makes me laugh--and that's worth a lot to me.

For example, who hasn't bemoaned the brevity of summertime? Lileks captured it perfectly for me the other day: "Summer is here, which means it's almost over. Or so it seems. The first day of summer always prompts some genial killjoy to hook his thumbs through his suspenders, rock back on his heels and say 'well, the days will get shorter now.' Until 1974 it was legal to punch that fellow in the snoot, you know. Under the Annoying Homespun Drivel Act of 1899, "Any such persons who shall dash the joy one feels upon beholding the glories of the equinox by noting the inevitable contraction of the day shall be subject to a brief thrashing about the nasal passages." The act was repealed in that touchy-feely post-Watergate reform period, but I'd like it reinstated. Summer is here, and right now it feels eternal."

The perfect gift for your blogging friends!

...or for yourself, for that matter! Jollyblogger is selling T-shirts that proclaim, "I think, therefore I blog." They look sharp, too!

Another Evie interview online!

Now Evie Tornquist Karlsson fans--and you are legion--can listen to an Evie interview. Aaron of www.videosforfamily.com talked with Evie last week, and downloaded the interview on his site. Check it out!

Despite the substantial demand for info about Evie and how to get ahold of her music, both in printed and recorded form, there's not a whole lot of information available online. It would really behoove Evie to start her own website. She obviously still has a lot fans!

You can also read my interview with Evie here.

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