Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Friday before the Fourth

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays of the year. This year, as I have for the last couple of decades, I'll be taking part in 101QFL/Radio 91's Patriotic Prayer Breakfast at Sinnissippi Park, then later that evening I'll be in the parade along with other radio staff members. In between, I'll be going to a family picnic.

Just interviewed Shannon Kubiak...

...and what a remarkable young woman! In her early 20's, Shannon is already an established public speaker and the author of five books. She has a real heart helping teen-aged girls find their identity and purpose in Christ.

I talked with Shannon about her book, God Called a Girl--How Mary Changed Her World, and You Can Too, which is illustrated with lessons from the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Writes Shannon: "Although God called many great men of faith to incredible tasks in the past, there came a time when a man would not do. So...God called a girl. The same God is calling again, and this time He's calling you. Are you willing to step forward and answer that call?"

Shannon is getting married this September, and she has also wrapped up a three-book series titled "Being a Girl." Best wishes to her in her upcoming marriage and ministry.

I'm not too cool to do a meme--so here's Friday's Feast!

I'll answer the questions here--you do the same, either in my comments section or on your own blog!

Where do you plan to go on vacation this year, or where would you want to go?--I'm not sure if we'll get to have a vacation any time soon, but I'd love to be able to go home to Austin, Texas at some point this summer. Sure, it's beastly hot, but several of the people I love most are there!

As far as a dream vacation? If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know my dream is to go to Ireland.

What color is your bedroom? If you could redecorate it, what would you change?--Right now, the walls are an off-white called "Cozy Cottage." My bedding is sage green and burgundy. If I could redecorate it? I'd probably just put more color on the walls, maybe the sage green. I'm pretty contented with it the way it is right now, having only lived in it for a little over three months!

Do you have a bumper sticker on your vehicle? What does it say?--Nope. My husband doesn't care for bumper stickers, mainly because they're a sticky mess to remove. At one time or another, we've had those plastic clingy things that you can put in your back window, saying "Cedarville University" (where my sons go/have gone to college.)

Main Course
What's the worst pain you've ever been in?--Fortunately, I've never been in a great deal of pain. I don't think I could take it. I'm a pathetic wuss with an extremely low threshold of pain. I suppose it was painful when I was recovering from my C-sections, but that doesn't hold a candle to what women go through in labor.


Who is your favorite celebrity? What do they do that inspires you?--Wow, I'm going to sound so cynical here, but I really don't have a favorite celebrity. There are a few women I admire greatly--you can read about them here if you like.

I also admire people like Tim Lee and other American service people who have given a great deal for their country. And many missionaries and modern-day martyrs who aren't famous at all, but whose rewards will be great in heaven because of their unflagging faithfulness.

As far as "celebrities" go, my favorite actor is Russell Crowe, but not because of anything I admire in his personal life...he's just really good at what he does.

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