Thursday, June 23, 2005

Please burn all existing copies of my junior high yearbook

Can you guess the celeb in this yearbook photo?

Darren Marlar and I chatted this morning about this 11-year-old Queens, NY girl whose parents are demanding that 200 yearbooks be recalled because they're unhappy with the way their daughter looks in her picture.

Hello??? Is ANYBODY happy with their sixth-grade yearbook photo?

When I was in junior high, I was absolutely hideous-looking. I just didn't know what to do with my kinky hair, excess poundage, erratic complexion and eyesight problem (the cat-eye glasses were NOT a good look for me.)

Actually, by high school, I had pulled myself together somewhat, and I don't think I'd be terribly embarrassed if someone unearthed my high school yearbooks. And I'd give a lot to look like I did in my college yearbooks.

But junior high? PLEASE, if you went to Vidor Junior High School in Vidor, Texas circa 1968-1970, BURN your yearbook! Or at least, get busy with a black magic marker on any pics of Cindy Garrett.

Sure, there were girls who escaped the dreaded "awkward age." I remember looking at Madeline Sanders and Angie Goynes and a few other pretty girls whose names now escape me, and enviously wondering why God allowed them to emerge from beautiful little kid-hood into beautiful adolescence with nary a pimple. It just wasn't fair.

So forgive me if I don't feel sorry for poor little Asheana Maihepat of Queens. Unattractive yearbook photos are something a lot of us deal with, even including some of the rich and famous.

Oh, the guy in the pic above is Bruce Springsteen. Doesn't look so cool there, does he? :) case you actually DO want to see your old yearbook photos, check out this site. And please let me know, in my comments section, if you were successful.

And Lynda or Linda Sims, if you're ever doing a Google search for yourself and you end up here, please contact me! You were the best friend ever back in those junior high years, but I've lost touch with you completely.

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