Tuesday, February 03, 2004

One of the coolest blogs I've run across...

...is Letters from Iraq, the online journal of Jeremy Botter, an army medic based in Tikrit, Iraq.

I've mentioned before in this blog that U-S service people are near and dear to my heart, because I vividly remember what it was like to be the older sister of a Marine in Desert Storm--my brother David, who is now a police officer in Texas.

Jeremy's blog is very well-written; often moving, sometimes dramatic, sometimes mundane, but always absorbing as he paints a picture of life in a war zone. Today, Jeremy's entry throbs with his pain after his camp was mortared and a sergeant was killed.

Those of us who don't have family or friends on the front lines tend to go about our daily lives, putting the "war on terror" on a shelf in our mind, taking it out only when a news story or an upgraded terror alert reminds us of the reality.

I'm grateful for young men like Jeremy Botter, and my thoughts and prayers will be with him as I continue to read his blog.

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