Thursday, February 05, 2004

Advice for aspiring writers...

Jeri Massi, author of the Valkyries fiction books, has some solid advice for aspiring writers on her Blog on the Lillypad.

A veteran published writer, Jeri says she learned a great deal about her craft by writing "Dr. Who" fiction directly to online readers. So, if you feel you're called to write, don't discount venues other than mass marketing to use your talent. And most of all, give your writing aspirations to God.

Says Jeri: " My advice to writers: write what people need and put the matter into God’s Hands. That doesn’t mean don’t get critiqued, don’t put yourself out on the web to judge your product by the reception it gets. It doesn’t even mean refusing to send a query letter or synopsis, because you can use publisher feedback (if you get any) to improve your skills...But if you make the claim of 'being called to write,' then write. Find a way to get important information or vital stories to the people who need to get that information."

The Bible says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors, so I'm soaking up advice from writers like Jeri, B. J. Hoff and Nancy Moser, who've been kind enough to give me some personal counsel.

Speaking of Nancy Moser, I was thrilled to get copies of her books, "A Steadfast Surrender" and "The Ultimatum" in the mail today. Sweet! Quality fiction to delve's about time; I haven't read a terrific fiction book since Francine Rivers' "And the Shofar Blew" a few weeks ago. I devour good fiction like a starving woman. Good thing there are no calories in it! :)

Meantime, if you haven't done so already, you can read my review of Jeri Massi's "Valkyries," as well as books by Nancy, B.J, Francine and others, on the reading page of my website. And if you like, you can listen to my radio interview with Jeri.

A beautiful song...

Every time Radio 91 plays Jim Witter's song, "You Are the Son," I'm struck again by what a beautiful song it is.

I was able to meet this talented Canadian at last year's Gospel Music Association convention. He is an accomplished songwriter as well as a pianist and guitarist, and he has the quirky sense of humor that most Canadians seem to possess.

Among the lyrics:

"When I feel confused and small
Like I'm pressed against the wall
And it seems as if I have no hope at all
I reach down in my soul and ask you to take control
With your tenderness you always make me whole"

Click here to hear a clip of the song.

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