Friday, February 06, 2004

Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

Former President Ronald Reagan turns 93 today...making him the president who has lived longer than any other president. AP reports that Reagan, who has Alzheimer's, will spend the day quietly at home with his wife and daughter, Patti Davis.

Interesting that Davis, who used to be outspoken in her antagonism toward her parents, has come to a place of real closeness with them. Davis was one of Reagan's staunchest defenders during the recent flap over the Reagan mini-series, saying the writers were way off in their portrayal of her father as a half-crazed bigot.

Liberals despise Reagan with passionate vitriol. But you know what? I liked him, and admire a lot of things about him. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

If you'd like to play a Ronald Reagan movie trivia quiz, click here.

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