Wednesday, February 11, 2004

It's official! Chocolate is good for me!

OK, I admit it. I'm a I'm probably grasping at straws here. But according to news reports, including this one on, scientists really have found some health benefits in the lowly cocoa bean.

While encouraging, the findings probably wouldn't justify me scarfing down a whole box of chocolates, though, so I guess moderation is the key.

Britney walks the aisle...and not to get married

Publicity stunt, or genuine emotion? This report says pop princess Britney Spears walked the aisle in an altar call at a California church recently.

It's been obvious from her actions in the past several months that this is one confused and misguided young woman. If her walk down the aisle prompts a positive change in her life, I'm all for it. If if prompts a genuine spiritual change, I rejoice.

By the way, it was quite a challenge finding a pic of Britney that wasn't blatantly sexy. After all, this blog is safe for the whole family. :)

The plethora of young women in the music industry who exploit their sexuality to a demeaning and offensive degree makes me proud of young female vocalists that rely more on their talent than their looks...and are not ashamed of their faith. Case in point:

Joy Williams. This young woman is a powerful vocalist and budding songwriter, who happens to have an outspoken and sincere faith.

Her song, "Every Moment" is a particular favorite of my daughter Elizabeth:

"We move on with no regrets to our destiny
Held by the hands of the father, we share his love and he leads us through
All these days, just slip away through our fingers so

Don't let go, hold on to every moment
Always know, hold onto every moment that you can

Running through yesterday into tomorrow, don't let it just drift away
Forget about tying the hands of time, give every minute to the One who's given today"

By the way, congrats to Joy for her Dove Awards nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year, along with CeCe Winans, Nichole Nordeman, Stacie Orrico and Rebecca St. James. Click here for a complete list of Dove Award nominees.

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