Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's on your refrigerator door?

YouTubers will sometimes share a link-up/challenge called "What's in  your purse?" , in which they'll pretty much dump out everything that's in their purse and display the items.  Well, I decided to do one called "What's on your refrigerator door?"

I'm only going to display the top part, or this could get a bit overhelming!

When I first moved to this house in 2005, I determined that everything would be pristine.  No more stuff all over the refrigerator!

Well, that lasted a while.  But what better place is there to put those reminders that you want to always have right in front of you?  Or little mementoes that give you a grin?  After all, you open your refrigerator constantly.  

And then came grandchildren.  I'm not showing you the other parts of my refrigerator, on which my grandkids' artwork is prominently displayed.  You don't have that much time. :)

But OK, let's break it down a little.

See that bookmark with the picture of the adorable little boy? The adorable boy is now 30 years old.  But I found this when cleaning out a drawer, and I couldn't resist.

The magnet that looks like a book cover was a PR item back when I was doing a lot of author interviews on Christian radio. By the way, Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite authors, and I heartily recommend her books.

The Will and Kate magnet was a souvenir brought back from England by friends who visited there just a few weeks before the Royal Wedding.

As a diabetic, I'm constantly trying to lower my blood sugar.  I posted this list to help remind me of foods I should be eating on a regular basis.

The "Greece" magnet is actually a souvenir from the same friends who brought me one back from England.  Why are they going all the places *I* want to go?! :)

A "save the date" card from my nephew and his fiancee.  I've left it up there just because I think they look so cute.

And here's the actual invitation to their wedding.  Good thing I took this picture today, because I realized that I need to RSVP by August 24th!

The radio station magnet is from the place where I work.  On the right is the only postcard I've ever actually received from Paris...sent by my friend Teri when she visited there in January.  (Again, why can't I go?!) :)

My obsession with the Eiffel Tower continues with another magnet.  And the "Les Miserables" card was from a school production that we never actually made it to.

My grandchildren call us "Papa" and "Nana," and I thought this Father's Day card for my husband was so adorable.

So, yeah. Periodically I clean everything off, leave it pristine for a while, and then things start creeping back on!

What about you? Do you put things on your refrigerator door? Let me know in my comments section...or blog about it!


Anonymous said...

I'll accept your challenge and blog about it. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Awesome, Ashley! Give me a link when you're done!

Anonymous said...

We have our family calendar so we know where everyone needs to be as well as a shopping list, movie tickets and other reminders. I'm sure that everything hanging off our refrigerator is providing extra insulation, making it extra efficient. :)

Anonymous said...


Vivek Singh said...

I have not posted any thing on my Frost Free refrigerator. My parents strictly warned me not do this.

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