Sunday, August 11, 2013

Visible Monday: The "messy" side pony

As I continue in my journey of trying to be the best woman-of-a-certain-age that I can be, I've been trying to change up my hairstyles.  I don't want to get stuck in a rut.

So, inspired my one of my favorite YouTube tutorialists, Miss Tammy (more about her in a moment), I tried a "messy side bun."

Actually, as you can see, it turned out to be more of a side-pony than a side bun.

I don't think it really matters, though.  The whole point of the side-thingie is to be uber-casual about it.

As it happens, when I wore this look to work this past Friday, two of my co-workers and I were all wearing some form of black with white polka dots.

Susan, me and Linda
Of course, I had to take a pic.

Now about Miss Tammy, aka Uppiesbeads59, aka Crazy Miss Tammy

So, yeah, isn't she ridiculously gorgeous?

I'm not sure just how I came across Miss Tammy on YouTube.  All I know is that, although I love the young YouTube beauty tutorialists, I had really been wanting to find one closer to my age.

Miss Tammy fit the bill perfectly.  I think she's a few years younger than me, but she knows all about the things we women-of-a-certain age are going through, and she's all about aging gracefully, beautifully and elegantly.

And as a professional aesthetician, she can give knowledgeable and practical advice.

Not only that, she's funny and has a great personality. She often slips off into a foreign accent that's so cute...I don't know if it's real or just for fun.

Anyway, I got the side-thingie inspiration from Miss Tammy.  Now, understand that her hair is a lot longer than mine, so she rocks it a lot better.  But I now leave you with her tutorial for the messy side bun.

I'm taking part today in Visible Monday, hosted by Not Dead Yet Style!


Lisa said...

Hi, Cindy. Your side pony really looks nice. You did a great job. I was going to pull my hair up for work tomorrow, but don't know if I'll have time to work on making it look even half this good. I am going to watch the video right now though.

Marla Robinson said...

I love that side ponytail on you. So cute.

Patti said...

Love the side pony! And thanks for the intro to Miss Tammy - I have some watching to do : > Thanks as always for sharing with Visible Monday!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Fetching! That's the word that comes to mind ... very flattering as well. I'm impressed, as always, with your turn-out. My hair is the least interesting part of my process, and I need a cut. Perhaps this week ... a good reminder that I should pay more attention to it!

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