Monday, August 05, 2013

Visible Monday: How do you feel about headbands?

Headbands are in style.

They're everywhere you look these days...and they come in an endless variety of colors and styles.

I must say, I was slow to hop on the headband bandwagon (say that 3 times fast.)  I couldn't get rid of mental images of Hillary Rodham Clinton "standing by her man"...or myself in the fifth grade.

Also, I've unfortunately, down through the years, seen many women-of-a-certain-age wearing headbands to a rather frumpy, dumpy effect.  

Finally, I realized that headbands can be quite attractive, and a fun way to change up your look.

I purchased the headband above at a local dollar store.  I got three or four headbands there...they were all name-brand (Goody, I think).  This one, and the black one at the bottom of this post, are the kind that go all the way around your head with an elastic base.

The above was probably my least favorite headband look for me...curly with no bangs.  I'm self-concious about having no bangs at all.  I kept thinking, "Is my forehead too wrinkled? does my face just look too plain without bangs?"

I've also tried it straight without bangs, although I don't have a picture of that.  Not my favorite look for me, but I've seen many other women rock it beautifully.

I do love that headband, sister picked it up for me at Old Navy.

I liked this one...curly with bangs and a black-bow headband that goes all the way around.  Again, a dollar store purchase.  

I purposely put a light filter on this one so you could actually somewhat see the's not very visible in this picture.  My 20-something daughter has since adopted this headband, and I must say it looks adorable on her.

How about you?

Have you gotten into the headbanding trend? Let me know!

If you want to give it a go, be sure and pop into a dollar can experiment without committing a lot of money!

I'm taking part today in Visible Monday, hosted by Not Dead Yet Style! Join the fun!


Patti said...

I like them! On you and on me - I think they add a nice shot of personality, esp if you're not a hat person. thanks for sharing yours with Visible Monday!

Lisa said...

I like headbands too...or wearing a light weight scarf tied as a headband. I only have 2 actual headbands (but LOTS of scarves) and one of those was purchased at the Dollar Store for a buck. It's a pretty pearl one too. The one I probably wear most often though is dark brown.
I like your black one with the little bow. Pretty!

Paula Ruta said...

Yup, LOVE the headband trend! The best one I found was in Miami; it was in this cute little boutique at South beach. It's very wide, but you can scrunch it up and make it thinner.
Love all of yours~xoxo

Marla Robinson said...

I love headbands on others but not on me. My hairstyle really doesn't lend itself to them.

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