Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stuff to tell you!

While my husband and I are holed up in our cozy basement TV room riding out the blizzard of 2011, I thought I would do something I haven't done in a while--a "Stuff to Tell You" post. It's a random potpourri of interesting information and link love. Enjoy!

--I've really been enjoying Alison Sweeney's re-vamped blog. It goes hand-in-hand with her job as host of one of my favorite shows,The Biggest Loser, and focuses mainly on healthy eating and fitness.

Recently Ali was looking especially lovely with a gorgeous updo. She explains how to get the look here.

--Successful blogging is often a case of quid pro quo--or as Jeff Roney calls it, the blogging boomerang. Basically it's all about the good things you do in the blogging world coming back to you. Good stuff!

--You know Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is a great quarterback--but did you know he plays the guitar to unwind?

--Is Facebook generating "online sociability fatigue"? That's one of the questions raised in this insightful article about the social networking phenomenon.

--If (like me) you're still mourning the loss of "Lost," you'll want to read this article by Carlton Cuse: Lost will never really be over.

--Oh, and one more thing--if you haven't yet checked out my book/reading blog, Cindy's Book Club, I do hope you'll do so now!

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