Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Biggest Loser Update: There's No Love Like a Parent's Love

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Well, that was an interesting turn of events!

The show really laid it all on the line last night...the red line, that is. Early on in the show, Alison told the black team that the person who fell below the red line (with the lowest weight-loss percentage), would be immediately ousted...while the losing team at the weigh-in would have to vote off one of their own.

I had a feeling the red team would win, just because the black team has killed them more often than not in the past. But I admit I never guessed why the black team would lose the weigh-in.

As it turned out, Deni, Marcie and Jesse purposely gained weight so their children would be safe from elimination.

This saved Jennifer, who actually wasn't the child of any of them...but she had gained two pounds, obviously UNintentionally, and was on the chopping block until the weight gains of Deni, Marcie and Jesse insured she would NOT fall below the red line.

As I've said before, The Biggest Loser often touches my heart and brings a tear to my eye. Last night was no exception, as these parents expressed their sacrificial love for their children. Each of them--especially Jesse, I think--would liked to have stayed on the ranch, but they were more concerned about their offspring.

Deni actually gained 8 pounds to insure that her daughter Sarah would not be in danger. Apparently, Sarah's weight had caused her to be unable to sustain a pregnancy in the past. Deni wanted to make sure Sarah is able to lose the weight so she can have a baby in the future.

I loved the selflessness of these parents. What a contrast to Biggest Loser winner Helen of a few seasons ago, who not once, but twice allowed her daughter to be thrown under the bus and ousted from the ranch.

So, the show is really heating up as the black-versus-red team rivalry continues, and each week brings changes in how these contestants look.

What are your thoughts? As a parent, would you have sacrificed yourself to make sure your child got to stay on the ranch? I'd love to hear your feedback!

If you'd like to read a detailed recap of the episode, go here


Sam said...

All I could think about was whether Helen or her daughter was watching and how awkward that must have been!

Cindy Swanson said...

I know, Sam--I will never understand Helen doing that!

Katharine said...

I really enjoyed last night. I loved the parents gift to their children, and I loved some of the trainers comments... very good!

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