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Biggest Loser Update: The teams unite!

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Well, we finally got to see the weigh-in that we didn't get to see last week. The team that's been on the ranch the whole time had to eliminate Don after he followed in his twin brother Dan's footsteps and sabotaged the weigh-in by gaining weight so he could go home.

Honestly, that annoys me. I have to agree with this blogger from

"...after watching I've decided I'm glad we didn't get the first weigh-in last week. I don't think I could have handled two weeks ending with Dan and Don throwing their weigh-ins so they could go home. Talk about infuriating as a viewer; I can only imagine what it must be like for those would-be contestants who just missed the cut."
OK, we get it--the ranch isn't for everyone. But I think you could determine that if you've EVER watched the show! I personally know that I could NEVER make it on the ranch, so I wouldn't try to take up space there, knowing there are other people who would give anything to be there.

The "Unknowns" Return

The other big event of the evening is the return of the "unknowns" to the ranch, complete with their trainers, Cara and Brett. (We need to find a different term for them, because they actually aren't unknown to us anymore.)

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting to know these people better. We were also able to see that the unknowns "family" doesn't feature complete solidarity...they obviously were just waiting for a chance to get rid of Q, who they view as a slacker.

However, they did listen to the pleas of both Q and his wife Larialmy to let him stay, and Larialmy went home.

Some random observations:

--The former "unknowns" seem to be firmly embedded in their identity as a family--but what do you bet the show shakes things up by doing something to integrate the two sides? I can totally see that coming!

--Justin and Rulon seem to be the leaders of the former unknowns, but as I mentioned earlier, I think they get a little heavy-handed in their motivational preaching/lecturing. (By the way, have you heard about the 1.5 pound "Rulon Burger" that he sells at his Wyoming restaurant?)

--Whatever Cara and Brett are doing to help their people shed the pounds, it's definitely working! Before they were able to be in the ranch's gym, it looked like they were mainly doing a lot of boxing.

--I noticed the trainers were absent at the final weigh-in last night. Wonder why? And did I catch a sense of some tension between the old and new trainers in the previews for next week?

I'd love to get your thoughts and observations in my comments section!

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