Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm so annoyed with the producers of Biggest Loser!

Dear Biggest Loser producers:

You have a good show here. Don't keep messing it up by trying to manufacture drama at the expense of the feelings of the people on your show!!!

All right. We get it that there is no Vicious Vicky on this season's Biggest Loser. She was her own one-woman drama factory, so the producers could just sit back and watch her wreak havoc.

This season, we have a group of genuinely nice people. Sure, there's some game play, but it seems to lack mean-spiritedness...the contestants seem to really care about each other, even those on opposing teams.

Well, last night the show shook everything up in an obvious attempt to create drama that Biggest Loser fans really do not need and are NOT asking for.

After weeks of being trained by either Bob or Jillian, most of the contestants were forced to switch trainers. Most of them seemed devastated by this turn of events, including Bob himself, who really seemed heartbroken.

I'm sorry, producers. This is just MEAN. In fact, it could mean a real setback for some of these people. This heartless stunt indicates to me that the show really doesn't give a care about the fact that these are real people with real feelings.

By the way: the sappy musical montage of sentimental memories of Bob and his former team was just silly. The producers created the sadness, so now they're milking it with a those-were-the-days-my-friend montage? Give me a break.

Doubtless, the contestants will bounce back. Some of them, I'm sure, will even realize that their new trainer will challenge them in ways their old trainer couldn't or didn't. But that doesn't change the fact that it was a cruel, unnecessary maneuver on the part of the producers in an effort to gin up drama that we as viewers don't want or need.

Fellow Biggest Loser fan and blogger Sam Barrington says it well: "What is up with this!? It is a great show doesn't need all these gimmicky shifts!"



Daylyn and Jonathan said...

Though I haven't really kept up with this current season, I have seen clips on other shows. My biggest disappointment has been with Bob this year. I have always really enjoyed him, but I have heard too much cussing come out of his mouth. Is this really necessary? People like Bob for being the nice guy and not for going off. When they have shown clips, it has been in a comical manner. Not funny! Really Bob, just go back to being the nice guy, we like you much better that way.

Cindy Swanson said...

I agree...I even mentioned the gratuitous cussing in another post. There are families who enjoy watching this show, but some have told me they've stopped allowing their kids to watch it. Even bleeped-out cussing is annoying!

Chelsea said...

I love Bob. I love him even more this season. I'm giving him a free-pass the week of his breakdown with Joelle. He maintains his composure so well that I'll let him go this once.

The difference now is that the contestants cuss. It got really bad last season with all of the crazies. I agree though, if I had little ones watching along, I'd be concerned. I'd love it if they'd make it a bit more family-friendly and not allow them to cuss in their interviews. I don't see that happening though. It's still one of the most wholesome shows on tv though.

Cindy, I posted my update. I don't have as much of a concern with the producers. They know what they are doing and the truth is, drama pulls a lot of people in. It does make me sad though!

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