Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I guess Dane on Biggest Loser will have to talk now!

...and yes, that WAS Jorge Garcia who commented on my blog!

Well, it looks like the silent member of the black team on Biggest Loser will have to step up to the camera now. Dane's partner and cousin, Blaine, got sent home last night.

Contestants were told that only one member of the below-the-yellow-line team at last night's weigh-in would be going home, and that the team would have to make the decision as to who that would be.

The black team, after posting major numbers at most weigh-ins, found themselves below the yellow line...and Blaine begged his fellow contestants to send him home.

It's understandable. Blaine's wife had just had a baby a few weeks earlier, and his heart was there. Also, the follow-up showed that he's doing great losing weight at home now, and is even training for an Iron Man triathlon.

For whatever reason, Dane has scarcely spoken on camera at all. To hear the other contestants tell it, he's a real leader in the gym when it comes to pushing his team-mates to excellence...but he truly has been a man of few words.

Now, maybe we'll hear more from Dane.

Jorge! Woo-hoo!

Again, apologies to those of you who could care less about either Biggest Loser or Lost, but...

You heard me gushing the other day when I was pretty sure that the "real" Jorge Garcia--the one who plays Hurley on "Lost"--had commented on my blog.

Scroll down to read my Hurley-centric post. :)

Anyway--it definitely WAS Jorge Garcia/Hurley. He commented AGAIN!!! And I quote:

"That was cute. I'm printing this page up to add it to my scrapbook. (Well to send to my sister who scrapbooks my stuff for me.)
I found your post because it came up on my google alert. (It's a trick Dom had taught me)

And yes it really is me."

By "Dom," I can only assume he means Dominic Monaghan, who used to play Charlie. And who I miss VERY much, by the way.

Oh well...I just think it's cool that an actor on the Greatest TV Show of All Time commented on my little blog.


Daylyn and Jonathan said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that it was him. He is also one of my favorite characters. You know how Jonathan and I are about LOST.

Randy Spradlin said...


Like you, "Lost" is one of the best shows ever for me. Other than "Rich Man, Poor Man" with Peter Strauss, nothing has been better. I can understand your excitement about Jorge responding.
I mean, I would be beside myself if Peter Strauss ever commented on my blog! So, I understand you!


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