Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy birthday to my precious babies

Happy birthday to my wonderful children, Justin and Elizabeth!

Elizabeth's birthday was actually Monday...she turned 22. Justin is 26 years old today. So hard to believe!

Below is a picture of Justin holding his brand new sister in the hospital, with my mom looking on.

Justin and Elizabeth have always been dear friends. She adores both her big brothers (my oldest, Jonathan, will turn 29 in March.) It's been difficult for her to live away from them, as they're both living in Texas now.

Many times in the past, we've celebrated Justin and Elizabeth's birthdays together. We're both sad that Justin won't be here to celebrate today!

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Randy Spradlin said...

Let me guess, are you going to surprise us with Jonathan's birthday tomorrow? Ha. (I did read it's in March.) I have two brothers that have birthdays of May 8th and May 9th! At any rate, Happy Birthday to your wonderful children!

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