Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Word Out Wednesday

A great website for health and fitness

My first idea for "Word Out Wednesday" today was to talk about a terrific little magazine I found called "Outsmart Diabetes," which is put out by Prevention Magazine. In the process of looking for information on the magazine, though, I found something that might be even better---the Prevention Magazine website.

If you're interested at all in health and fitness, this website is a goldmine! There's information on virtually everything related to getting and staying healthy and fit.

Do titles like this interest you? "The Flat Belly Diet"..."Quit Late-Night Snacking"..."52 Ways to Lose a Pound a Week"..."Essential eating rules that stoke your metabolism all day long"..."100 Smartest Diet Tips Ever"...and the list goes on and on.

The website is attractive, easy to navigate, and loaded with helpful things like recipes, anti-aging tips, quizzes, videos and success stories. If you become a member, you can join discussion forums and craft your own personal health trackers. I'm going to be visiting this site a lot in the future!

As for "Outsmart Diabetes"...even though Prevention puts it out...I wasn't able to find a lot about it on the site. (Apparently that's also the title of a book from Prevention.)

I can tell you that I first purchased a copy of the magazine from my local grocery store last fall, and I was delighted with the recipes and made several of them--including diabetes-friendly pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pudding, and an amazing cheesecake that you would NEVER know was diabetic-friendly if someone didn't tell you. I recently bought the latest issue, and plan to delve into it as well.

About Word-Out Wednesday....

Why don't you join in? Simply "get the word out" about something on your own blog--it could be a product you love, a book you enjoyed, really anything--then check back and sign the Mr Linky at Adventures of Wondermommy. I think it's a great idea!

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wondermommy said...

Thanks so much for helping get the Word out about Word Out Wednesday!

Thanks so much for the great post, and a great link to a great health site.

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