Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Melange

Various and assorted links and stuff:

--Kentucky Grilled Chicken? Coming soon to a KFC near you.

--Two Virginia sisters made a nice chunk of change on E-Bay with a corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois.

--"Person of interest" in his wife's killing, Drew Peterson is apparently trying to garner some sympathy.

--An interesting article about English detective novelist and playwright Dorothy L. Sayers.

--Why husbands should be uglier than their wives (hat tip to Evangelical Outpost.)

--Five Ways to Be Content (from Christian Women Online.)

--The top book sellers of 2007 (from Infuze Magazine online.)

Happy Monday.....


Ann-Marie said...

Hi, Cindy! Happy belated Easter. I love today's link list!

(And not to go all psycho-PETA on you or anything...but I'm enough of an animal lover to absolutely NOT support KFC's barbaric treatment of chickens - so they can grill 'em, but I'm still not supporting animal cruelty! No matter how few calories it has!)

Getting off my high

sobeit said...

Nice list. I really enjoyed the article about Dorothy Sayers!


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