Thursday, March 06, 2008

13 places I would rather be than here....

OK, I'll admit, I lifted this idea from another blogger, and as soon as I can figure out who it was, I'll link to them! Great idea, though, especially when I'm dealing with temps in the 20's here (although not all of the places on my list are necessarily warm.) Here we go:

1. In Austin, Texas, visiting my sons and daughter-in-law and grandson and mom and sister and brother. And maybe going to eat at County Line BBQ (below).

2. In Casper, Wyoming, visiting my sister Beverly.

3. At a hotel in downtown Chicago with my husband. (Below is a pic of the view from our room during a weekend visit last year.)

4. At the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. (I was there once in the early 90's, and it was amazing.)

5. In Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I passed through there with my family once in the 70's, and I've always wanted to go back!

6. Ireland. I've ALWAYS wanted to go there. (In fact, author and blogger Angela Hunt has been there all week, and I've been--pardoned the pun--green with envy.)

7. Scotland. I've wanted to go there for quite some time.

8. Branson, Missouri. I had my honeymoon there, and have been back several times, and I've always had a wonderful time there.

9. Maui. Or any place that looks like the picture of Maui below.

10. Savannah, Georgia. Another place I've always wanted to go, especially after all those Eugenia Price novels I read growing up.

11. New York City. (Except not this morning when there was an explosion in Times Square.)

12. Shopping at The Domain in Austin, Texas...but only if I had plenty of money.

13. At home, tonight, in my jammies and drinking hot blueberry-and-pomegranate tea, watching "Lost."

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Kay said...

Great list! I wouldn't mind being most of those places, either. Except if I'm going to Wyoming, I'm going to Jackson Hole, not Casper.
Sometimes anywhere but home sounds nice, even if it's nowhere.

Ann-Marie said...

How about ON the island?! :-)

Did you know Savannah is the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts? Oh, you can betcha I know a LOT about Savannah!

I've heard it's a wonderful place to visit!

Juliet said...

Well, I lived in New York for about 6 months...Manhattan and loved it...I had been out of high school for just one year when I went with two of my older sisters.

Some friends of ours took us to Maui...which Bob and I loved.

In Scotland, I believe that there is a piece of land marked "Trotter" that would be nice to visit.

Of course I always love Door County any time..

Bunny Trails said...

Is there REALLY a County Line BBQ still in Texas?!? We used to have one here in Colorado - my sister worked there when they opened. It was our most favorite BBQ joint and we were so sad when it went away.

And I see that you are a Lost woman, too. LOL!! Yep - I got hooked around the end of the second season. Now I'm going back and watching the first season that I totally missed.

Fun meme! Thanks for sharing. :D

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